Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My 5 Minute Review of MS Windows 7.

So yesterday I started playing with virutalbox and for some odd reason decided to try out MS Windows 7 in it. Actually, I do know why I was trying it out. First, I've heard alot of great reviews for it even from Linux users and was curious. In addition, it was suppose to have lower resource usage then Vista (which I've never used) and wanted to see how true all of this was. Finally, another reason to giving MS Windows 7 a test run was that I'm sure my wife would be eventually using it and I would inevitably be supporting it to some degree.

So, all this being said, here is my 5 minute review of MS Windows 7.

The Good
The installer has been simplified, which make Windows just as easy to install as most Linux distros. Good job Microsoft for doing some catching up. In general, it did seem to run "lighter" then even MS Windows XP. Finally, I like the KDE4 look and feel.

The Bad
The task bar. It's too big. I can't tell the difference between the quick start laucher icons and the minimized windows icons. Actually, I think if you launch a quick start app you don't get a new task. Minimized windows are icon only, no text. This made things frustrating because I wasn't familiar with the icons. I couldn't find an option to change this. Finally, I tried to install AVG anti-virus and it wouldn't install.

Well, that's pretty much all I had time for. If I'm bored I may boot up the WM again and get back to you with something a little more in depth.


Kahrytan said...

#1. You can use small icons in start menu setup. This makes the icons smaller and task bar itself skinner.
#2 There is difference between PINNED apps and ones that are open. Open Apps have a beveled icon. Just pinned unopened apps have no bevel.
#3 AVG installed worked fine for me. Dont use AVG for Vista.

My Screenshot. Look at size of taskbar and icons. Notice Sticky Note icon is beveled but rest arent because they arent open. and Notice AVG running.

Josh said...

Its like most distros, you need to tweek it a little. I hated the windows 7 taskbar, but if you use small icons to make the taskbar smaller it helps on small screen, i.e. netbooks. But Windows 7 is my favorite version of windows so far, but still windows has been second to Ubuntu since I started using it.

Peter StJ said...

Actually the lack of difference between starters, pinned apps and running application is intentional:) Some like it that way. Me for example. Because one should not care if an app is already running, you just want get to the app, you do not care if it is running already, if it is not it just starts and pops, if it is - it just pops:)

Some care about the difference and use other OSes:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks bro...nice reading. Its very informative and helpful. Thanks a lot.

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