Tuesday, March 16, 2010

id3 - Managing mp3 Tags

I listen to alot of podcast and very few of them actually use mp3 tags or they use tags that don't make sense to me. I have a sansa fuze media player which lists my podcast as "Season 3" or "Released as a Single" or simply "unknown". I mean how am I suppose to know what Season 3 is. Well, I've put a stop to the madness and use an application called id3 to change the mp3 tags, so I can have some sanity to my mp3 playlist.

One of my favorite podcast is for the TV show Lost, hosted by a father and son who discuss the show. The file name for the podcast is d66027dd-8873-2829-c731-97fcc5a62bb9.mp3. I know, but the name of the file really doesn't matter since the media player only really reads the tags associated with the file. To list the tags of the file:

id3 -l d66027dd-8873-2829-c731-97fcc5a62bb9.mp3

Which will give you the following output:

Title : Lost Podcast (MP3): EP. 5.11 " Artist: Jeremiah Glatfelter
Album : Year: 2010, Genre: Unknown (255)

My fuze displays this podcast as Jeremiah Glatfelter. Who the hell is Jeremiah? Maybe it's some inside joke or something, but the hosts of the show are Jay and Jack and that's what I would like displayed as the artist. So, to change the artist portion of the tag, I use the following:

id3 -a "Jay and Jack" d66027dd-8873-2829-c731-97fcc5a62bb9.mp3

Which outputs the following to show that the change has been made.

Title : Lost Podcast (MP3): EP. 5.11 " Artist: Jay and Jack
Album : Year: 2010, Genre: Unknown (255)

Pretty straight forward. Here are the options to change the other aspects of the tags using the same syntax.

usage: id3 -[tTaAycg] `text' file1 [file2...]
id3 -d file1 [file2...]
id3 -l file1 [file2...]
id3 -L
id3 -v
-t Modifies a Title tag
-T Modifies a Track tag
-a Modifies an Artist tag
-A Modifies an Album tag
-y Modifies a Year tag
-c Modifies a Comment tag
-g Modifies a Genre tag
-l Lists an ID3 tag
-L Lists all genres
-R Uses an rfc822-style format for output
-d Deletes an ID3 tag
-h Displays this help info
-v Prints version info

Now you can tag to your hearts content.


Colleen said...

Jeremiah is Jay's real name. He goes by Jay for short.

Jared said...

Thanks for clearing that up.