Friday, March 5, 2010

You Know You're a Geek If.....


I haven't been able to sleep at night for the last 3 days in anticipation of the RAM upgrade I ordered from newegg for my HP 1000 mini. The mini originally came with 1 GB RAM and I'm maxing it's compacity with 2 GB. The climatic release of tension came when my RAM (finally!) arrived and I could pop in the SODIMM into it's slot and gasp in awe at the increased performance from this baby.

Whew! What a rush.


Jimzat said...

I too am trying to make the most of the CLI. I read RSS feeds via newsbeuter (v 2.0), but your's shows up blank.

Is this something that you can fix?


Jared said...

I use newsbeuter as well and I've had the same problem. I would usually just press the "o" key to open a browser such as elinks to view the post.

That being said, I changed some settings on blogger and it should work as expected now.

Thanks for letting me know.

TheTubbyCat said...

I was super excited because I was updating my laptops 1GB to 4GB yesterday... and after the upgrade I get a fan error on boot. How lame!

Jimzat said...

Thank Jared,

I too would open the post in lynx, I just found it a bit annoying. Whatever you changed did the trick.